REWARDED ESSAY IS Calling All Student Writers!
Are you creative with a pen and would love a chance to show it and win some money too? Well, your chance is here. is sponsoring a scholarship essay contest, open to all high school students from anywhere in the world. This is your chance to fashion a creative, engaging essay that will grab the judges’ attention and perhaps end up with an award.

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Choose one of the following topics/prompts for your essay.

  1. What life skills can students master while in college? Which three are the most important and why?
  2. What do you see as the most pressing social issue we face? Why is it the most pressing?
  3. Who inspires you? Why?
  4. Provide three life goals you believe will be more achievable by obtaining your college degree.

When you enter our essay writing contest, here is what will happen:

First, you will receive money toward your future education.
Second, you will be entering a chance to win cash prizes
First Place: $500
Second Place: $350
Third Place: $150

Deadline: October 20, 2017
Judges: A panel of our editors and writers
Language: Essays must be written in English
Length: Essays should be 700-900 words
Format: .doc, .rtf, .docx, or .odt files
Where to Submit: Send your entry to [email protected], with the subject line, “Essay Contest.”
Be certain that your contact information (name, email address, and phone) are provided on a separate page.

Important Evaluation Criteria
So that you have a clear idea of what the judges are looking for, here are some additional criteria to keep in mind.

Obviously, plagiarism will automatically disqualify any entry. Essays will be scanned for plagiarism, so be careful.
If you supply quotes from anywhere or anyone, be certain that you cite them properly.
Judges are looking for a creative approach to the essay topics/prompt. Do some serious brainstorming and pre-planning before you write.
Be certain that, when you select an essay topic/prompt, you clearly understand it and stick to the topic.
If you include images, be certain that you have the authority to use them.
Absolutely no grammatical or mechanical errors should appear in your essay. Student should take the time to review and edit many times so that their essays are fully polished.

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NO CRIME IN TRYING: GIVE IT A TRIAL: If you have never participated in an essay contest for high school students, consider this: What do you have to lose other than some time? If nothing else, you will receive money toward a future education. The other benefit, even if you do not win? You have gained great experience and perhaps will be better prepared for an essay contest for college students.


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