Do you know you can make #40,000 from just selling TryJambCBT Vouchers to 100 students? Yes you can! Just read patiently.

TryJambCBT – Is a mock test and preparation platform for all students aiming to be admitted to any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Taking a mock test on TryJambCBT requires registration, activation (this cost #1000) and you will then have access to take this mock test up to 5 times.

This test is online and you don’t need to download any software to access it. We have also made the platform lightweight so it doesn’t consume too much data and loads very fast. A student confess he was able to take the test with just MTN 10 mb!

Making money with TryJambCBT is simple and has no limit! All you need to do is buy activation vouchers at wholesale price and sell it to students preparing for the exam or want info about the annual test.

You can also do more by applying as an agent so that you can be listed on the agents page and that will attract more students to you.

The only requirement is for you to have access to students that want to gain admission either around you, far from you, online or offline. You can start a campaign for it and ask students to buy the activation voucher from you.

This is a business for you on it own, no more complain of RECESSION, work!

Do you know we have over 2 million students that wish to sit for this 2017 UTME? A fraction of this is enough to help you make it big in just two months!

Do you know you can make #40,000 from just selling to 100 students? Yes you can! Check out the wholesale price list in the link below


    1. Thanks Sir..The admin will get back to you as soon as possible..And they will like you to be their No.1 agent in Osogbo.

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