We are been trained in schools to be Slaves and not to Rule.

It saddens my heart that most students do not even know the meaning and the aim of Education. We were been forced by the society to be schooled yet the Society is confused.

Any youth/teenagers who hasn’t gained admission and whose mate are in the higher institution is been stigmatised in the society and everybody will think he or she is a dullard whereas those in school does not even know why they were enrolled in school let alone studying a course they never intend studying.

We were told Education is a means to acquire Facts, skills and ideas via learning either formally or informally.

And I asked myself, is the above what we were paying huge amount of money for in higher institutions, I guessed the definition should be redefined to a means of acquiring a certificate via Cramming and Pouring while ignoring the importance of the facts, skills and ideas meant to be learned or acquired.

I won’t blame Nigerian Student because most of us dont even know why we are in school, Lecturers that ought to enlighten us are always on strike, they were not motivated to lecture us, some transfer aggression on us. Governments who ought to pay them are busy ignoring them and busy sharing national cake. Likewise, Parent who ought to let us know why we are to go to school are always busy looking for ways to support us by financing our studies that we are ignorant of the importance.

More than average of Nigerian student has the mind to finish school on time and to start Searching for a White Collar Job that nobody is creating.


We must be schooled to be self-employed

We must be schooled to be vast in knowledge in our different fields

We must be schooled in other to be Skilful

We must be schooled to impact and not to harm our Society

We must be schooled to respect Elders

We must be schooled to be a good Leader

We must be schooled to contribute positively to our Society

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