With the rate at which Internet users are growing everyday, Most people all over the world are getting along on the internet at a faster rate and some cannot do without the internet in a day.

Some said it makes their day lively, while some said internet keeps them informed and connected with friends and family all over the world.

Likewise, everybody needs money, most especially in Nigeria where the Economy is in recession mode.

Having stated the fact that Internet and Money are part of man’s greatest need, Team Beloved Konsult wished to know the views of Nigerians on this.

So can you quit Internet for One Billion Naira?

Thanks for your Answer.


  1. I’ll quit the Internet… It’s all about connecting with pple and getting info. With money I’ll employ the posters above me to brief me on infos I want anytime I want it. Then I get to connect real-time with friends and family. I wouldn’t miss it much. I’ve got books, I’ve got pple, I’ve got cash. There is more to life

    1. Wao..i really love your comment Kilokeys…Hope you wont miss facebook sha…also dont forget whatsapp is included oo..
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I appreciate

  2. Ofcuz I will… News paper is available, TV & radio intact, employ minister of information lol… Cash dey house, bank, company, pocket haba… Wetin remain. Who Internet eep sef… Lol

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