In an effort to collect more recyclable  waste, a Wecycle rider could go as far as overloading the Wecycle and this results in additional pressure that often forces the chains to break off and the tube of tyres to flatten. The theme for this Wecyclers’ product design challenge is “THE UNILEVER-WECYCLERS RENEWABLE ENERGY CHALLENGE”.

This  is a competition dedicated at challenging students to design solar-powered Wecycles that can commute more recyclable wastes and remains efficient without mechanical faults. The outcome should use clear, scientific measures that can be easily translated for production and be as locally neutral as possible, especially in the context of the Nigerian roads.

A total of $800 will be shared among the top three designs with certificates for the awarded individuals or teams. Three main prizes – Gold, Silver and Bronze
– Gold: $500
– Silver: $200
– Bronze: $100
The Gold design will get a two weeks internship with  the WeCyclers team to fabricate the winning design. Use the link below to apply.

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