Beloved konsult started  February 2012 after an encounter with a Statistician who explained the beauty of Statistics to me and the need for it to aiding decision making in many aspects of Life. Then later that year i started analysis in my mother’s shop by proper monitoring of her Sales, it was there i started using Statistics as a tool to improving her Business. Due to Schooling i had to pend it for a while to acquiring more knowledge (Which am still doing).

Over the Years I have assisted Friends and colleagues in their Projects and Research work ensuring Proper decision making.

 Statistical Consultation: Survey Work, Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling and Forecasting.
 Bi- weekly Update of different Research Work on different Topics
 Academic Mentoring For Students

We do partner with Organizations to monitoring there Data to ensure Smooth running of their Organization.
Presently we are Partners with O’Bounce Technologies and Fems Photo. And we hope partnering with you too.

For more details, you can contact Gudboi via the following medium
FB – Adedosu Tobiloba Gudboi
Instagram – iam_gudboi
Twitter – TobilobaAdedosu
Whatsapp – +2348132474502