There are 196 countries in the World today, The richest countries in the world can be measured by GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The developed countries GDP is comparatively greater than the developing countries Per capital income is greater than developing once and because of that the economy of the country became stronger. Usually the countries who has reserves like oil, gas and energy they considered as the richest countries in the world.

Here is the 2017 list of the top richest countries in the world measured by GDP rate of the country.

1. Qatar -GDP per capita: $129,726

Qatar is an Arab country and ranked top of the richest countries, the GDP of Qatar is $129,726 highest per capita income in the whole world. It is a developed country with industries like Urea, Steel plants, ammonia fertilizers. The state of Qatar is rich with natural resources like gas reserves and oil reserves which plays the major part in the rise of its economy with employment opportunities for foreigners as well. Because of its economic growth and wealth, Qatar has been chosen to host the FIFA 2022 and will became the first ARAB nation to have this Opportunity and hold this record as well.

2. Luxembourg -GDP per capita: $101,936

Luxembourg is a small country and is the world’s second investment fund center with the GDP of $101,936, it’s a developed country with various industries like rubber, chemicals, and other industries, mostly rural with natural parks and surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium. Unemployment rate is low here and quality of living with all essential needs is very high. It has stable economy which is depend on banking sector, steel industry. Luxembourg is favorite place for tourist as well because of its capital Luxembourg City which has great destination with old culture like Esch-sur-Alzette, Esch-sur-Sûre and many. Luxembourg is a symbol of wealth and world richest countries.

3. Macao -GDP per capita $96,147

Macao is another on the list of richest countries of the world it has the richest economy in term of GDP of $96,147 and its strong economy depends on gambling and tourism people admire this country because of the dream destinations and strong infrastructure. Macao is the only territory where gambling is legal in china region. The swelling numbers of tourist and center of china gamblers helped Macao to rose its GDP and became among the highest ranked richest in the world. Macao is a developed country with a very low rate of unemployment it is one of the Asian regions which has the highest human development index.

4. Singapore -GDP per capita $87,082

In southern Malaysia Singapore is an Iceland state. The country has GDP about $87,082 it has the highest per capita income with low tax rates and its economy is known as the most business friendly, freest, and strongest. It is one of the least corrupt country and very developed in Technology and innovation of new products it has also multicultural nation and highly developed trade market which helps its economy towards boost. Its finest destination attracts the tourists to visit Singapore places like woodland, central area, or Tengeh Reservoir. Singapore wealth is depends on chemical export industry, tourism, and banking sector.

5. Brunei -GDP per capita $79,710

In south East Asian a very small but the richest country is Brunei with the GDP of $79,710 the country is large exporter of natural gas and also its economy is accounted by crude oil and natural gas production. The distinctive pieces of land are cause of attraction for the tourists and Brunei is blessed with natural and beautiful destination. It has developed infrastructure and highly developed human index with low tax rates and high employment opportunities in the world like all other countries who has oil and gas reserves Brunei government also lead their economy toward the strongest economies in the world.


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