Top 10 highest paying courses in Nigeria:

Petroleum Engineering
This sphere is very profitable due to the fact that oil is one of the main exporting products. Such jobs are considered to be the most profitable for the workers, the salaries are so high.

Chemical Engineering

Such employees in the sphere of oil or gas sector, chemical sphere, electronics sphere, electrical sphere, mechanical sphere can easily earn at about N 3.5 million throughout the year. This way, it becomes clear that there is a point in taking part in some online training.

Web design courses
There is an urgent need for such online training due to the fact that web design courses will provide you with excellent money for the job that will bring you pleasure

It can be said that such a destination doesn’t enjoy wide popularity due to the fact that not so many students opt for studying of this topic in schools in Nigeria. However, they make a mistake because of the fact that oil companies, that are now in abundance, so in future, a demand in the workers of such sphere will only increase. In case of deficiency of such employees, their average wage will rise, so it is worth thinking about it.

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Computer programming course
Software engineering or computer courses will come in handy while working on the positions connected with IT sphere. Online IT training will help you acquire a position in some company which aims at providing such kind of service. At the beginning, you can easily get at about N 400,000 as a monthly salary. Speaking about their year salary, being an experienced player in this field, it can reach the sum from N5 million up to N15 million per year.

IT courses
Online IT training is very important: JAVA or ORACLE specialists will be able to get about N700,000 salary as a beginner.

Computer Engineering
Experts of this sphere are in great demand all over the world, so you have to bear in mind that visiting such courses is extremely important for your future career.

Law courses
This sphere can be quite a controversial issue in this rating due to the fact that its economical value can be so changeable. However, it is still one of the items in the rating of top highest courses.

Job of an accountant – such newly allocated specialists are able to earn about N2 million for a period of one year. Having undergone such online learning, you will become skillful enough to occupy the position.

It is considered to be the most marketable field of studies. You may not doubt that your salaries will be accountable to your efforts.


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